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Ollie Macfarlane Remix – Burial – Stolen Dog

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Burial – Stolen Dog (Ollie Macfarlane Remix) – Nice and calm :D

Burial Untrue | Dark Dubstep

I know these Burial tracks are a few years old, but some music is timeless. Burial Untrue is one of those classic tracks, not my favourite burial track but a damn good one.

Burial Unite | Chilled Burial Dubstep

Burial’s Unite’ – one classic chilled dubstep track. Go out and buy burial if you haven’t already, this is the sort of dubstep we need to be supporting (its old but to get him bringing newer dstep out.)

Burial | Ghost Hardware| Classic Burial track

It is Burial day after all… heres another classic track from the legend that is Burial – “Ghost Hardware” has some great samples and very good drums.

Burial Homeless | Archetypal Dubstep from Burial

Burial is a legend. Burial is chilled but dark. Theres a lot that could be said about Burial’s dstep music, archetypal I would call it. I was first put on to Burial late, by a mate…and from there its all history. I feel a Burial kinda day coming on.

Unfortunately Burial only has 2 songs currently on spotify, for a while there was a few albums up on there but they got taken down again :( would be nice to see this back up!